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Our Purpose

We put our Massive Transformative Purpose on the HOME page because it is way too important for the last tab. We hope you share our passion for this country and to ‘tenfold Australia’s impact for a better world’.


Our Principles

GET REAL - anti-superficiality and low-ego promoting a psychologically safe space where people can be themselves, be vulnerable and be honest.

GO LARGE - in every action we seek multiple ways to create value at speed and scale across multiple channels for this generation and the next.

GIVE BACK - always giving more than asked and paying it forward to others less advantaged as stewards not owners of our resources.

Our Logo


There are three stories behind our logo. The first is that multinational businesses can feel like a labyrinth with twists, turns and dead ends. Tenfold Australia aims to provide the simplest pathway forward (the blue arrow) by drawing on the collective wisdom of all in the Tenfold community.


What differentiates us invariably defines our success. Our logo is also a modern interpretation of a fingerprint, an age old symbol of what makes us unique. The blue arrow represents the exponential pathway each of us can individually choose to take. The exponential pathway starts off slowly but speeds up at an accelerating rate.



The final story behind the logo relates to the hyper-networked world. The logo represents the myriad of connections that draw us together. These connections however have gaps (gender, poverty, race, opportunity etc.) that we can fill so everyone benefits. The blue arrow reflects our aspiration for a better world that embraces exponential or tenfold thinking.