"Your people won't buy in unless they've weighed in." Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni is the best selling author of many books including The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, which sells more copies today than when first released back in 2002.

One of the key concepts described in the Five Dysfunctions fable is the idea that people won't commit to goals (i.e. buy in) unless they feel they've been given the opportunity to weigh in with their questions, concerns, doubts, alternatives, additions and / or beliefs.

In an effort to speed things up many leaders too often make a captains call and in so doing miss this crucial step required to gain true commitment from their people.

There are times for top down decision making of course. However on most occasions slowing down when making decisions and benefiting from the perspective of others will result in a better outcome.

As the old saying goes.

"If you won't to go fast go alone.

If you want to go far go together."