"Your long-term reputation is better served saying 'no' than saying 'yes' and not delivering."

Wise counsel from culture management legend Carolyn Taylor, joining us at Tenfold Australia this week to unpack how to create work cultures of accountability.

'People not doing what they say they will do' is one of biggest frustrations I hear from leaders.

In her newly released book titled Accountability@work Carolyn provides a play-by-play approach to turning this all too common situation around.

For example, in reference to the quote above Carolyn says "over-promising is a common mistake that is motivated by the desire to please the Asker.

Ironically, this sort of gratifying promise ultimately displeases everyone when what was over-promised is under-delivered.

Being honest at the start, and expressing doubts that the request is not possible, is the way to keep the relationship solid and build trust." (p.43)