"Your job as a leader is to paint a picture of what success looks like." Kim Malone Scott

How to give great feedback is a common question I hear from CEOs, executives and managers. As ex-Googler Kim Scott suggests too much challenge can come across as 'obnoxious aggression'. Too much care can come manifest as 'ruinous empathy'. Not enough of either feels like 'manipulative insincerity'. Kim believes the best feedback, or 'guidance' as she prefers to call it, gets the balance between care and challenge just right. Even more critical than getting this balance right is the focus of guidance.

Are you focused on what you want more of or what you want less of? As discussed previously extensive research now proves that 'a system moves in the direction upon which it focuses its inquiry'. Focusing on what you want more of is far more likely to result in success than getting stuck discussing what to stop. 💡 To listen to a new short HBR interview with Kim click here.