You can have high engagement scores and the wrong culture

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

"You can have high engagement scores and the wrong culture." Carolyn Taylor

Too often engagement and culture are thrown in the same bucket but they are different constructs and aren't always correlated.

As you know engagement is a reflection of how people "feel" and culture is about how people "behave".

Global authority on culture Carolyn Taylor explains in the clip below that if you get the culture right engagement will follow, however the journey to getting the right culture may disengage some people.

Conversely, and as per the quote above, having engaged people doesn't mean you have the right culture to achieve your business strategy.

No point everyone loving work if they are working on the wrong things or in the wrong way.

This clip here is from our Tenfold Australia Masterclass series where every month we interview global thought leaders on topics to help multinational companies reboot growth, retool their business and re-energise their leaders.