World class performance takes timing

"World class performance takes timing."

This is tip #2 from my article (see here) in which I share 7 tips to world class performance based on Felix Baumgartner’s ‘jump from the edge of space’.

On numerous occasions tests leading up to the final jump were delayed. Even the final record breaking jump was delayed twice before the final launch from Roswell International Air Centre on 14 October 2012.

Waiting till conditions are perfect is rarely an option but knowing which variables are mission critical and which are nice-to-haves is key.

Overlooking the first can be fatal.

Overfocusing on the second will kill your momentum.

As Daniel Pink says in his latest book ‘When’ “timing isn’t everything but it sure is something”.

Timing can be like gravity... it is not always in your control but once you are aware of its power it can be leveraged.

Do you remember the Linus Write-Top? Unlikely. It was the first ever tablet computer, released 13 years before the ipad in 1987. Yes the iPad's design and functionality was far superior but timing had much to do with Apple making tablets cool.