World class performance takes time

"World class performance takes time." 'Thanks for stating the bleedingly obvious Rich' I hear you say.

But how often does impatience, frustration, set back or criticism get the better of us? In my article (read here).. I share 7 tips to world class performance based on Felix Baumgartner’s ‘jump from the edge of space’.

For Felix that achievement marked the end of a seven year journey, five of which involved Felix in training to ensure both his survival and success.

As Bill Gates famously said “most people overestimate what they can do in one year but underestimate what they can do in 10”.

We know world class performance takes time, but we too often and sadly give up before we achieve break thru.

Ronald Wayne is one of the best examples of this. Who you might ask? Exactly. Wayne was the third co-founder of Apple owning 10 percent of the company which now would be worth over $60b. He couldn’t handle the other founders and sold his share for $800.

Strive. Succeed. Fail. Pivot. Learn. Reset. Grow.

Just don't give up!