World class performance takes a team

"World class performance takes a team." This is the 6th tip from my article (here) in which I share 7 tips to world class performance based on Felix Baumgartner’s ‘jump from the edge of space’.

Although Felix was very much by himself at 39km up he was far from alone. In his ear during the entire jump was his mentor Joe Kittinger & on the ground were another 300 people with clear roles and responsibilities for a successful jump.

Over the 5 years of training there were more than 1000 people involved at a est. cost in excess of $65m to make it all happen.

If your job is independent & in a stable operating environment then high performance by yourself is possible.

Think Da Vinci for a world class performer in this context. Since the days of the Renaissance our lives have become increasingly interconnected & environments more ambiguous.

In such times isolated cases of high performance are increasingly rare.

This is no more true in the corporate world. 7 out of the top 10 highest performing organisations in the world benefit from 'network effects', i.e. their value increases as the size of the network/team that uses them increases.

World class is not a solo sport. Who is in your team?