World class performance takes a dream

"World class performance takes a dream." This is the 7th and final tip from my article (here) in which I share tips to world class performance based on Felix Baumgartner’s ‘jump from the edge of space’.

High performance is not possible without believing it is possible first.

Preparing to jump from the edge of space took 7 years but Felix had the dream of doing so from the age of 5 as reflected by this picture he drew as a child. I don’t subscribe to the theory that you can become anything you dream of. That’s something cheesy parents tell their bubble wrapped kids.

However I am convinced that you can’t achieve anything unless you dream of it first. As the bumper sticker says... you must believe to receive. Belief doesn't guarantee success but success is almost impossible without it.

The gap between average performance and world class performance so often comes down to what you believe.