Without vision and values leadership is hollow

"Without vision and values leadership is hollow. We are in troubles times and what we need is leaders that help us get above that."#HBS Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Who do you think the stand out leaders have been around the world during the #COVID19 crisis?

It's highly likely they have struck a balance between addressing proactively and sensitively the current challenges whilst building a sense of hope for a better future.

As Kanter suggests in her quote above great leaders right now are responding in alignment with their deepest values AND maintaining their focus on a longer term vision 🔭.

She calls this leadership success principle "looking up". It is one of Kanter's six leadership success principles shared in this great TED talk:

Leaders that "look up" 👆 remind & inspire others to do the same & to remember we always have a choice how to respond no matter what the circumstances.

The #COVID19 context is quite possibly the best time to make it clear to those around you what you stand for AND where you are going.

Don't miss the opportunity!