Winners break away in the turns

"Winners break away in the turns." Gartner

We all remember Stephen Bradbury’s gold medal winning speed skating race in 2002.

Bradbury became the butt of many jokes as he won gold because everyone else in the race fell over.

However Bradbury had a very intentional strategy going into that race knowing that victory would be won or lost in the turns. "Heading into a turn, when momentum is shifting, visibility is poor & the outcome uncertain, is the single best shot to pursue and seize the lead" according to Gartner's Jackie Wiles in a fantastic new article here

Research across the Fortune 1000 shows the same applies in business. During the GFC a very small number of companies (n=42) broke away from the pack and their performance continued to improve for the subsequent decade (13% ann. EBITDA growth cf. to -1% in the control group of 542 companies).

Companies should aspire to have a 'Bradbury moment' on this basis. It is a great compliment & one organisations should work towards.

How are you setting your organisation up to break away during the turns? If you are not actively working on this you might find yourself red-faced on your butt at the side of the rink.