Why misfits may be the key to your outfit.

Why misfits may be the key to your outfit.

We've spoken about how high performers are rarely all rounders according to engagement guru Marcus Buckingham. See here.

Instead the best of the best are best described as 'spikey'.

Brilliant in a few areas & potentially below average in others.

We also talked about how people want to follow leaders that are brilliant at something that matters to us, not good at everything. Spikey-ness strikes again! See here.

Today spikey-ness raises its pointy head once more. This time based on Wharton Professor Adam Grant's always brilliant insights. In his March 5 'WorkLife with Adam Grant' podcast Adam shares how one the keys to Pixar's success was knowing when to bring people in to take their movies from average to exceptional. See here.

Ed Catmull & Steve Jobs (Pixar co-founders) believed it was never too early to throw it's own recipe out the window and bring in outsiders and misfits to stir the pot.

Misfits however aren't always outsiders. Sometimes the rebels & renegades within your organisation hold the key to breaking group think. Their spikey-ness may be just the point you need for breakthrough.