Where will your whelm be in 2022?

Felt overwhelmed in 2021?

Now is the perfect time to stop, reflect and reset for 2022 on your quest to find more whelm in life.

The Oxford Dictionary defines whelm as:

(noun) an act or instance of flowing or heaping up abundantly; a surge. "the whelm of the tide"

Applied to our lives I think of whelm as an instance of finding flow and abundance.

You know those moments where time seems to stop and you are fully engaged in what you are doing.

We all need more of those times in our lives.

Steve Glaveski in his book TimeRich shares that

"when you're in flow [i.e. whelm], your brain releases five chemicals [ ] that make us feel and perform better physically and mentally.

Whelm is nature's way of helping us be our better selves.

If you'd like to find more whelm in your life this year please find ten tips in the following article to help you get there:

My best to you for a remarkably whelming 2022.