“When you are a leader it can be hard to get feedback as you mostly get a fog of flattery..

“When you are a leader it can be hard to get feedback as you what you mostly get is a fog of flattery.” Kim Scott

There are four things you can do in this situation according to the best selling author and Silcon Valley sage Kim Scott, as shared with Tenfold Australia last month.

1) Define what your ‘go to’ question is for requesting feedback, e.g. what can I do or stop doing that would make it easier to work with me? The elements of a good ‘go to’ question are that it CAN'T be answered with a yes or no. It also must sound like you. And it must be OK for the other person.

2) You have to embrace the discomfort. Count to six and stay silent after asking for feedback.

3) Listen with the intent to understand not respond. Create the space to hear.

4) Finally make sure you reward the candor. If you don’t reward it richly you will never hear from the person again. If you agree fix the problem. If you disagree, find the 5 or 10% you do understand and acknowledge that, then seek to understand the remaining 95%.

Outstanding insights Kim. Thank you.