What do you imagine you'll be doing one year from now?

My posts provide tips on how we can be our best selves. Easier to do when times are good, but far more important to do when times are tough.

Today's quote from 1 of the world's leading experts in post-traumatic growth Professor Stephen Joseph emphasizes how critical it is to find hope during times of trial. He shares an incredible powerful story about Viktor Frankl in the Nazi death camps paraphrased below.

👉Frankl fell to the ground weak & ill from hunger. A guard shouted at him to rise but unable to do so began beating him.

👉Lying there Frankl began imagining it was several years later. He was standing at a lectern giving a talk on the psychology of death camps.

👉It was a brilliant talk, one in which he imagined describing himself lying on the ground being beaten & as he described this to his imaginary audience he also imagined standing up & beginning to walk.

👉Then, in real life, he stood up & walked away from the guard.

In these times of alarm and concern it is so important to allow ourselves to imagine on a healthier & happier future.

What do you imagine you'll be doing one year from now?

And how will this present time become a powerful part of your story?

What will you look back on and be proud that you did?