What can the world give you?

"My career advice for a young person starting out is DO NOT follow your passion." Berkeley Management Professor Morten Hansen.

WTF I hear you say. When I first read Hansen's comment I said the same thing. But he backs up this perspective with some great research.

It turns out doing what you love is not enough.

It is too narrow according to Hansen who says: "Passion is all about you. It is a selfish pursuit. What can the world give you? It is only one component. Purpose however is the opposite of passion. It is about what you give the world... what you can do for others."

Hansen suggests you find out what you are uniquely qualified to do for others. Once you know this then focus on one of those activities you are most passionate about.

The best performers match purpose and passion. That's when you are the most dedicated and energised. Passion alone does not get you there.

This insight from Hansen forms part of my latest article on 10 career tips I learned the hard way. Click here to read and watch a video of Hansen explaining this concept more fully.