We follow people who are good at something that matters to us

"We follow people who are really good at something that matters to us." Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall

We explored the lie that the best people are well rounded here.

Today we'll look at another lie from Buckingham's latest book the 'Nine Lies About Work', i.e. leadership is a thing.

Buckingham and co-author Goodall suggest instead of focusing on leadership we would be better off focusing on followership, i.e. why do people follow?

Their research suggests we follow leaders that demonstrate expertise in an area that is important to us.

People are well aware of their short comings and that the future is uncertain. In this context we look to partner with those that will make our journey easier.

B&G say "we don't necessarily follow vision or strategy or execution or relationship building or any of the other leadership things, instead we follow mastery [ ] as long as we the followers find it relevant."

"Each truly effective leader cultivates his or her mastery in a way that communicates to us something certain and vivid."

"We are attracted to the beautiful clarity of great ability. The brief moments of awe."

Lots to reflect on in this.