Uncertainty is a gateway to possibility

"Uncertainty is a gateway to possibility." Lissa Rankin MD I don't often quote obstetricians but New York Times bestselling author of 'Mind Over Medicine' and OB-GYN Lissa Rankin's research about how beliefs define our experience is so relevant during the current times.

Her work is informed by both her clinical and life experience.

In her latest book 'The Fear Cure' she explores 4 fearful assumptions many of us make and 4 truths we can choose as alternatives. The quote above is the antidote to the first fearful assumption that 'uncertainty is unsafe'.

This assumption has gone into hyper-drive this year. Bizarre behaviours such as 'toilet-paper hording' are symptoms of people striving for certainty in uncertain times. If uncertainty is unsafe we have much to fear. And fear shuts down our brain's higher processing abilities, such as complex decision making, creativity and relationship building. But what if uncertainty is a gateway to possibility?

If that is true that changes everything.

To paraphrase Henry Ford whether you think its true or not true, you are right.