Transform rather than talk about transformation

"If you are contemplating a transformation, whether leading one, supporting a leader of one, or advising on one, don’t call it a transformation. Transform rather than talk about transformation." Roger Martin Another "simple not easy" piece of advice from the 2017 #1 management thinker in the world Roger Martin. This quote is from his 'must read' weekly practitioner insights series based on he and A.G. Lafley's best-selling book Playing To Win. Martin is no stranger to successful transformation, as you will read in his article here ( However, too many companies fail to have a clear and compelling winning strategy to get there. "Talk [ ] about the end state you seek" Roger suggests. "Very few people actually like what is involved in a transformation; they just like the end state. And I can assure you that calmness is better than agitation when you are transforming." And remember to "transform rather than talk about transformation." As Dr Peter Fuda says "I have never, ever, ever seen an organisation outgrow it's leaders."