Train hard, fight easy

"Train hard, fight easy." US Special Forces.

I am not a big fan of using military jargon in a business context. No matter how tough corporate life can get it is very rarely life and death.

Terms such as the frontline, pre-emptive strikes, battles, field trips, troops, VUCA etc all stem from the military but are common in today's workplace.

We talk about talent wars and price wars. Using military terms in such a way belittles the true sacrifice our service men and women make. It also subtly prompts us to adopt a combat mind frame where it is us against them, survival at all costs, a zero sum game.

The research is clear that such a defensive stance limits our creativity, collaboration, engagement and achievement. That said we can learn much from the military, we just don't need to adopt their jargon. Training hard, fighting easy is a good example.

In the military R&R stands for rest & recreation. In corporate land R&R stands for reward & recognition. That is not the point of training but too often that's all it is.

Participants are rarely stretched out of their comfort zones. As a result when the real test comes they are often unprepared. Training should be hard.