To transform what we do we must first transform how we think

"Australian organisations are losing up to A$4 billion per year in L&D... The investment is focused on compliance and developing skills that are relevant today, rather than building skills for tomorrow."

EY Research by EY suggests many Australian companies are pouring their hard earned profits down the drain by investing in training that yields at best short term gains.

At worst companies are wasting money and time on activities that tick a box but do little to boost productivity in the short term and nothing to prepare the company and its people for the future.

For mine the big miss for most companies is a focus on what people do instead of focusing on how people think.

As Singularity University Professor Mark Bonchek says "to transform what we do we must first transform how we think."

In these times of exponential change our ability to accurately predict what skills are most relevant to the future is questionable.

However there are a range of mental models, i.e. ways of thinking, that will increase our likelihood of success no matter how the future unfolds.