"There's no such thing as time management, there is only choice management." Dr Peter Fuda

Amen to that!

To get better at choice management Fuda suggests (image below of Peter at Tenfold Australia in the TV studio mixing room this week) we use the metaphor of spending $100. It goes something like this...

Every Sunday night look at the week ahead and ask yourself, if I had $100 to spend on all the tasks and activities on my 'to do' list over the next week, how would I spend it?

Fuda says "I can tell you, in 20 years of doing this, I've never spent $1 on a hundred things. In fact, I've never had more than five things on my list of priorities. I tend to make big bets, $40, $35, $15, $10."

After allocating your $100 (a.k.a. time) start at the top. Start with your biggest bet.

So simple. So powerful.