There is nothing wrong with the conscious cultivation of positive emotions

"[During lockdown] there is nothing wrong with the conscious cultivation of positive emotions." Dr Suzy Green

Another tip provided by Suzy this week to Tenfold Australia about life and leadership in lockdown related to our moods.

With so many people doing it tough right now we sometimes feel guilty having fun.

However positive psychology research by Professor Barbara L. Fredrickson reveals that experiencing positive emotions has multiple benefits including what she calls the broadening and undoing effects.

Barb's 'broaden-and-build' theory posits that positive emotions open our minds up to see things in a new light, to acquire new knowledge, and to build relationships.

Beyond that however positive emotions also serve to undo the effects of negative emotions, fueling psychological resilience and wellbeing.

There is even evidence that positive emotions not only facilitate desirable psychological states but also protect our physical health.

Positive emotions are only one aspect of wellbeing, and given their fleeting nature, not sufficient by themselves for long term flourishing.

However, cultivating a better mood during this lockdown will certainly help you and those around you journey thru this period in a far more constructive state.

What can you do today to laugh more, have fun, and bring joy to others?

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