"The worst place to develop a new business model is from within your existing business model." Clay

Clay Christensen In the early days of organ transplants rejection rates were high as the body of the new host fought to defend itself from the very thing that was going to save it. The problem was solved via immunosuppressant medication that the organ recipient had to take for the rest of their lives. New ideas in organisations can be like this too. The very system which the new idea is designed to save may rise up and attack the idea until its threat to company inertia ceases. Unfortunately there is no pill organisations can pop to promote anti-rejection. However what Harvard's Clay Christensen (RIP) suggests in his quote above comes close. I'm a big fan of the related Innovation Colony concept developed by Owens & Fernandez who say.. "Innovation teams must be untethered from the corporate entity and allowed to operate outside the corporate structure. They need a structure that not only allows but incentivizes them to look beyond the current landscape and envision a world that doesn't yet exist." For more on this topic read here.