The problem with mindsets is that our minds are not set

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Don't get me wrong. As an organisational psychologist I am all about how we think (and feel for that matter).

It is fantastic that more and more workplaces and leaders acknowledge that how we think determines what we do and what we do determines our success. But I have been long frustrated by the term 'mindset'.

Research and personal experience tell us that our minds are not set. They are in fact plastic, flexible and continually changing and adapting in response to how we perceive the environment around us. And if you are thinking 'mindset' is just a term BE WARNED.

Research reveals that 'words create worlds', i.e. the words we use both describe and design the world as we know it. But you know this already. If you tell yourself 'my boss hates me' then your mind will focus on collecting evidence to support those words. Flip the script to something less personal, e.g. 'my boss is having a bad day' OR 'my boss must be under lots of pressure', and let your mind go to work on that reality.

The difference will astound you.