The present can change the past and the future can change the present

"The present can change the past and the future can change the present." Jordan B. Petersen

Petersen has done a great job of stirring the pot in his recent book '12 Rules for Life'.

He has as many avid fans as enemies. Ironic given the book's focus on living in chaotic times. Personally much of what Petersen says resonated with me. The quote above is one such point.

We tend to view our memories as objective truth, however our memories at best are a remnant of what happened in the past.

How so? When we store a memory we only have the capacity to store what we think is relevant. Our brains could not possibly take all the information in that is available so we filter out potentially valuable details.

Over time the scant info we store then degrades. Details become fuzzy & some are lost altogether. Then when we retrieve the memory we filter it thru our current circumstances as Petersen suggests.

If we are in a good place our recall will emphasize the positives, & vice versa.

Don't get me wrong. Memories of the past are key to our learning and growth in the present. They serve an incredibly important purpose. They just aren't facts like many of us think they are.

Let them serve you. Don't serve them!