"The more managers focus on the bottom line, the less motivated employees are likely to be." Fast Co

Despite contrary evidence bottom line focused management pervades as a common but dysfunctional practice. As the old saying goes "it's like driving by looking thru the rear view mirror." #HBR reported this back in 2018 discussing how leaders need to create culture focused on growth, not one obsessed with performance. See here. The problem according to author Tony Schwartz is that overly focusing on results can 'drive up fear and compromise capacity.' 2019 research reported in Fast Company supported these findings showing managers that were bottom line focused tended to have poorer relationships with their team. As a result employees withhold performance in a effort to balance the dysfunction of the relationship they have with their boss. According to Schwartz a true growth culture ensures "people feel spend less energy defending their personal value so they have more energy available to create external value." Four key characteristics of a growth culture are: 1) Psychological Safety 2) Continuous Learning 3) Experimentation 4) Open Feedback. How's your culture?