The increasing #globalisation of Australia's economy

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

"A decade ago half of the 20 richest people in Australia ran domestically focused businesses; in 2020 that proportion shrunk to 30 per cent." AFR

The AFR's Rich List of Australia's wealthiest people has been running for almost 40 years.

Who makes the list is always an interesting read but it also speaks to how Australia's #economy is evolving. Read more about this here:

One of the big themes over the last decade is the increasing #globalisation of Australia's economy, as per the quote above.

The dominance of companies, and the people behind them, that understand and position themselves to serve a global market will continue to grow in years to come.

The more #prosperous these companies the better for all Aussies.

At Tenfold Australia we connect local & foreign owned #multinationals together to learn from each other 'to help tenfold Australia's impact for a better world'.