“The customer that is unhappy with you can become a terrorist against your company.” Horst Schulze

During this month's Masterclass with global industry icon Horst Schulze, cofounder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., he shared how critical it is for everyone in the organisation to know how to respond to unhappy customers.

Horst shared that for 96% of customer complaints people only want to be heard, but too often we jump into excuses and justification for the situation, if indeed we let them finish explaining their perspective in the first place.

Horst provided five simple steps to customer resolution:

#1 listen

#2 empathise

#3 apologise

#4 make amends

#5 delight.

Doing so can move a customer from becoming a terrorist to being an ambassador.

Across his career Horst has found that “each and every difficulty is an opportunity to advance the trust quotient or to squander it.”

Don't miss this opportunity.

Thanks Horst.