The best ideas are the ones that get made

"The best ideas are the ones that get made." How true.

If perfectionism is the enemy of progress, procrastination is its twin. Both stop us from moving forward, both are remarkably common in organisations, but both have their place to a degree.

Melinda Gates in a recent interview with Adam Grant credits perfectionism for much of her career success but beyond a certain point believes it flips to become a weakness. To counter this she started analyzing when perfectionism was productive and when it was counterproductive. Procrastination is like this too.

Grant in his book 'Originals' shares the story of Da Vinci taking 16 years to paint the Mona Lisa. During that time he procrastinated but many of those tangents fed back in to how he finished this master piece.

So in the era of 'just ship it' we need to find a balance with perfectionism and procrastination.

I entirely subscribe to the mantra 'progress trumps perfection'.

The same goes for procrastination, but let's not rid ourselves of these twins altogether.

The key is knowing when the twins serve us as opposed to us serving them.