The beginning of transformation is the increase of perception

"The beginning of transformation is the increase of perception" Robin Sharma

Transformation has become quite the buzz word these days. Many promise it but few deliver.

Part of the challenge relates to the quote above from Sharma's latest book 'The 5am Club'.

"We can't be what we don't see" is another similar quote I like. So too "we can't receive what we don't perceive." True transformation is most likely when we can clearly visualize with great clarity our goals.

Visualization is a well known technique from sports psychology which is becoming more popular in the business world too. But visualizing the goal is only part of the equation.

We must also develop a vivid and rich perception about where we are starting from. Setting a clear direction is only good if we know what our starting point is.

Get this wrong and you'll end up in the wrong place.

Perception of both your starting and end points is key to transformation.

How clear are you on where you are at right now?

Do you have people in your life that provide rich feedback about your strengths & shadows?

What contexts do you thrive or dive in?

What is your unique value proposition?

All questions worth reflection.