Telling may achieve compliance, but it does not achieve ownership.

“Telling may achieve compliance, but it does not achieve ownership.” tenfold tip #512 from Carolyn Taylor

So many managers complain that their people aren't accountable without realising the problem and solution often relates to how the manager set the request up in the first place.

I have recently been revisiting the many gems from culture management guru Carolyn Taylor's latest book about accountability.

Caroyn shares how managers often 'tell' their people to do something which may result in action, but rarely true commitment.

Great managers take a different approach. Carolyn suggests six key steps in her book to 'engage' people with a request.

1) Clearly state your request or desire

2) Explain your thinking and rationale

3) Ask the other person for their views on the request

4) Genuinely listen to their response

5) If the request is significant, suggest the other person takes time to work out how this could be achieved

6) Negotiate to a conclusion depending on their response

As one of my old mentors used to say "if the person can't say no, they can't really say yes either".

Which step(s) are you missing when making requests of others?