"Take my word for it. Never hire bananas." Harvard Professor Clay Christensen

A final word from the late great Clay Christensen about innovation. Those familiar with Clay's work will know this quote relates to his theory of 'jobs-to-be-done' JTBD. For those unfamiliar the story goes Clay and his team were working with a fast food chain trying to look for opportunities to increase milkshake sales. They asked customers about how to improve milkshakes and acted on their answers, but this made no impact on sales or profits what-so-ever. That all changed when they started asking 'what job does a milkshake do?' It turned out that half of milkshakes were sold before 8am to commuters. The job of the milkshake was to keep the long drive to work interesting. "Never hire a banana" for that job however. They are gone in 3 minutes & you are hungry soon after, says Clay. A milkshake on the other hand takes 20 minutes to drink, fills you up for the morning & fits neatly in my cup holder. PERFECT! Clay's point, in case you are wondering? "If you understand the job to be done, how to improve the product becomes obvious." To watch Clay share this story himself go here.