"Stop predicting. Start preparing." Giam Swiegers

So many deep insights shared with us this week from one of Australia's most transformative CEOs and now Chair Giam Swiegers.

What qualifies Giam for this accolade?

For starters in 2020 the top two most innovative professional service companies in Australia were global engineering firm Aurecon and Deloitte. Giam was CEO of them both.


I think not.

Lightning rarely strikes twice.

Of course many others contributed to these outcomes but Giam was the common denominator.

From our dialogue with Giam this week the quote above was one of my favourite insights.

In the current context everyone has become an expert in predicting when the lockdowns will end, when the economy will pick up, when borders will reopen etc etc.

Truth told, who knows.

This is uncharted territory.

Better to focus on preparation according to Giam and other business luminaries like Professors Julian Birkinshaw and Margaret Heffernan.

Julian calls it 'active waiting', i.e. "deliberately preparing for a bad set of conditions and being well positioned when opportunities arise.”

Margaret literally wrote the book on this topic called Uncharted. It is essential reading for all leaders in this time. For a quick preview watch here: