Relationships create opportunities

"Relationships create opportunities. Figure out ways to put yourself near the hubs of the networks that matter most." Reid Hoffman

This quote from Reid Hoffman's (cofounder of LinkedIn) #2020 commencement speech was written for those graduating school or university, but has great relevance to us all.

In his 20 minute talk Reid shares his best advice for a #successful life in challenging times (listen here:

Having founded LinkedIn you won't be surprised that Reid references how critical it is to build great #networks 16 times during the speech.

"The the sooner you begin developing your #professional network, the earlier you will start benefiting from its compounding value over time" states Reid.

To paraphrase an old chestnut... 'the best time to develop your network is at the start of your career: the second best time is now'.

It's never too late, unless you never start.