Psychological safety is not permission for free floating whining

"Psychological safety [ ] is not permission for free floating whining." Harvard Professor Amy C. Edmondson

Great advice from Amy today about getting the balance right between 'whining' and 'winning' from our Tenfold Australia Masterclass.

In the short clip here she explains how COVID19 has brought teams closer together by having a common enemy.

"We all need to express our frustration and anxiety and we need to support each other" Amy says.

The challenge is to not get stuck when venting in a recurring pattern of dysfunctional behaviour that deepens our sense of helplessness and panic.

Fortunately the pandemic has provided a great opportunity for teams to experience and calibrate how to vent constructively about an issue we are all facing.

Hopefully that means teams will also get better at constructively speaking up and addressing issues on a more individual basis too.