Productivity detached from a dream is just busy work

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

"Productivity detached from a dream is just busy work." Brendon Burchard.

Few people in the world understand #HighPerformance better than Brendon Burchard.

His research about what differentiates high performers from others spans 190 countries and over 2 million people.

It turns out high performers aren't born that way.

High performers don't have a particular personality type.

Their IQs aren't higher than others.

Brendon's research shows the key difference relates to their daily habits.

And one of those key habits is anchoring their activity to a higher order purpose or mission.

Doing so releases an inordinate amount of productivity that even surprises the high performers themselves.

As Nietzsche said "a (hu)man that has a why to live can bear almost any how".

"Don't lose the big picture" Brendon says.

When we lose our productivity and motivation it is often because we have lost sight of the bigger reason for why we are doing it.

Without a powerful why productivity just feels like being busy.

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