"Play is about 2x more powerful than purpose which is about 3x more powerful than potential." LM

Lindsay McGregor

Previously we discussed how there are six primary motives of human behaviour according to research by human motivation firm Vega Factor HQ'd in NY.

Lindsay McGregor is Vega Factor's CEO & shared with us during our Tenfold Australia Masterclass this week that only three of these motives promote creativity, innovation & adaptability.

"In today's world of COVID-19 & the ever-faster pace of change, organizations need to be more adaptive than ever before." Lindsay states.

The three motives that promote adaptability are play, purpose & potential.

Play: When you’re working or doing an act an activity simply because you love the activity itself.

Purpose: When you’re working because you deeply care about the impact of your work.

Potential: When the outcome of the work benefits your identity. In other words, the work enhances your potential.

Most companies focus a lot on purpose, however Lindsay's research reveals play is two times more powerful at motivating adaptive performance.

Stay tuned for the next few tenfold tips as we unpack how you can develop play in your organisation.