"Peter Drucker never said culture eats strategy for breakfast." Roger Martin


Apparently so.

Roger Martin would know.

Peter was a mentor to Roger and a dear friend.

Roger knows all the people at the Drucker Centre.

Given how often Peter is quoted as saying this the Drucker archivists studied every speech he ever gave and everything he wrote to find when he said this and it turns out he never did. It's just made up!

Does it matter? Well yes according to Martin.

When Roger joined us last week at Tenfold Australia he said if Peter were alive today he can't imagine him putting these two things in opposition.

"Your strategy and culture have to be consistent. Your culture is key to the strategy being effective and vice versa. The two are symbiotic" said Roger.

And just for the record Drucker also never said "management is doing the right things and leadership is doing things right".

Thanks for clearing this up Professor Martin.