"Organisations don't outgrow their leaders." Dr Peter Fuda

We asked our community of 700+ multinational c-suite leaders for one word that describes how they are feeling right now.

You can see their responses below.

On this #RUOKDay2021 I encourage leaders everywhere to not only ask others R U OK but importantly ask themselves AM I OK? Am I REALLY ok?

Given Dr Peter Fuda's comment above, shared with us this week at a Tenfold Australia Special event, it is so important that leaders are looking after their own mental health and well-being too.

As the old saying goes "fit your own oxygen mask first, then you can breathe and help others".

I see a lot of leaders doing the opposite, which although noble, is not sustainable.

Establishing a deeper connection with your own well-being and sharing this with others also gives others permission to be more real and honest with you.

AM I OK? R U OK? Key questions to ask today and every day of the year. Thank you to R U OK? for the incredibly important work you do.