No break through will come from more judgement

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

"No break through will come from more judgement." Brendon Burchard

High Performance expert Burchard always gets me thinking.

In the clip below he discusses focus and purpose, something most of us struggle with at times if not all the time.

As per the quote judging ourselves for lacking focus and purpose is not going to help.

Instead, Burchard suggests reminding ourselves of what truly has value and is most important in our lives.

Start the day asking yourself "who REALLY needs me on my A game?" Write it on a post-it note. Stick it to your computer.

We too often spend time on activities related to things that don't really matter and/or don't really matter to those that matter most.

Or we forget to make the link between our activities and those that matter most.

Answering the question "who REALLY needs me on my A game today" connects you with your purpose. And when we are on purpose it is easier to stay focused.

If we focus on our day we won't lose our week...

If we focus on our week we won't lose our lives.