Networks and the velocity of learnings across industries

"CEOs will benefit from asking how can I encourage my senior team and other leaders to enrich their own networks and the velocity of learnings with their peers across industries." McKinsey & Company

The 'velocity of learning' is such a powerful concept.

Learning is insufficient for success given the speed at which the market is moving right now.

Learning must be moving at a pace that keeps you up to speed with changing market conditions, at the very least.

In a fabulous new article titled The CEO Moment

McKinsey highlights the power of networking with relevant peers outside your company and industry as a key strategy to increase your velocity of learning.

Successful leaders right now are embracing peer networks, "intent on accelerating problem solving together by building on one another’s ideas, iterating novel solutions to use in the workplace, trading notes, and moving forward having learned

what works best" says McKinsey.

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