Motivation becomes easier when we translate a chore into a choice

"Motivation becomes easier when we translate a chore into a choice." Charles Duhigg

NYT best-seller Duhigg provides a great example of this in his book #SmarterFasterBetter.

He shares how the US Marine Corp changed its approach to bootcamp given it's need for troops to increasingly make independent decisions.

Central to this shift was promoting soldiers' 'locus of control', i.e. giving them a sense of autonomy & self-determination.

"As long as we have a sense of control we are more likely to play along" says Duhigg. He goes on to say...

"[in life] people who know how to self-motivate [ ] earn more $ than their peers, report higher levels of happiness, & say they are more satisfied with families, jobs & lives."

The need for control is a biological imperative according to psychologists. On this basis it is little surprise the gig economy has exploded.

Duhigg states that in 1980 over 90% of the US population reported to a boss. Today more than a third of Americans are freelance workers.

So next time you do something that feels like a chore flip the script & search for what you can control in that situation.

Make it your own and make it a success.