"Mindfulness is the foundation of flourishing"

"To minimise burnout during lockdown focus on your mindfulness, mood and meaning." Dr Suzy Green

This week at Tenfold Australia over 200 multinational and not-for-profit executives joined us for a dialogue with Chair of Accenture Australia & New Zealand Robert Easton and award winning clinical and coaching psychologist Dr Suzy Green from The Positivity Institute.

We discovered evidence-based insights from positive psychology that will help minimise burnout and/or help people to move towards their best selves.

Three of the many insights provided related to mindfulness, mood and meaning, In this Tenfold tip we will look at mindfulness.

"Mindfulness is the foundation of flourishing" says Suzy.

Mindfulness can be defined as state of active and open attention to the present: a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment.

Research of particular relevance to lockdown shows mindfulness:

😀 decreases patterns of negative thinking

😏 lowers anxiety levels

😃 reduces emotional reactivity

😄 improves attention and working memory

😅 reduces stress, and

😇 even reduces physical pain, amongst many other benefits.

For me the key here is focusing on the present without judgement.

Personally I spend a lot of time thinking about the future and reflecting on the past. When you overlay judgement on that your head gets filled with so much noise!

Mindfulness reduces the noise between your ears, so you can choose your response in alignment with your values.

Mindfulness frees us to live in the moment, which is the only time any of us actually have.

For some great ways to become more mindful click here: