Many culture initiatives fail because they lack a strategic context

"Many culture initiatives fail because they lack a strategic context. The culture and values exist in isolation to the business plan. Under pressure, the business drivers take over." Carolyn Taylor

As referenced before Carolyn literally wrote the book on culture management: see A must read for all leaders. I have seen her quote above play out too many times with disastrous consequences.

CEOs and their exec teams develop a culture strategy knowing as Peter Drucker famously said "culture eats strategy for breakfast". Culture is indeed the ultimate competitive advantage, hard to replicate, taking years to build, and comprising multiple facets that when aligned create a snowball effect making an organisation almost unstoppable.

However too often the good intentions of the top team are wasted when there is not a clear and compelling connection between the strategy and the culture.

Everyone in the business should be able to explain how the 'way we do things around here' (ie. the defined culture) enables the organisation to succeed. If this narrative is not clear then people will resort to whatever means is necessary or known to deliver.