It's time that you get to think about things

The new Netflix doco series 'Inside Bill's Brain' is a must-watch. In Episode 2 the director asks Melinda how she would describe Bill's brain. "CHAOS" is her first response said with great laughter.

"I wouldn't want to be in that brain right, there is so much going on all the time." Then comes the insight.

Despite Bill's extraordinary capacity to deal with gigabytes of data and enormous complexity, his best thinking comes when he finds time to reflect.

So critical is this time that in the early 90s whilst still running Microsoft Bill started a practice he called 'Think Week'.

The doco director describes how Bill would travel to a remote cabin and "spend one week there alone reading and thinking, absorbing stacks of books and technical papers, anything that could help him understand the future."

As only Gates would he affectionately refers to Think Week as CPU time. "It's time that you get to think about things." If someone with such remarkable intellectual horsepower needs time to reflect then how much more so do we.

Most of us are too busy doing 'shallow' thinking as Cal Newport would say, focused on the trivial and repetitive, to ever get to the deep stuff.

What incredible insights might we be missing?