" might be possible to extract something good OUT of misfortune."

'Whilst there might be nothing inherently good IN misfortune, it might be possible to extract something good OUT of misfortune.' Holocaust survivor & psychiatrist Viktor Frankl One can't begin to imagine the horrors Frankl and so many survivors of the Nazi death camps lived thru and with. In 1942 he was sent with his wife & parents to one of the concentration camps. By 1945 he had lost them all. In his renowned book 'Man's Search for Meaning' Frankl recounts that the people best equipped for survival were those most able to find meaning in life despite the horrors of the camps. This is not pop psychology or unrealistic optimism. This is evidence based truth gained from the darkest times in modern human history. The current times with COVID19 are indeed challenging, but humanity has faced greater challenges before, & prevailed. Meaning & purpose is key to this. Frankl became one of the most important psychologists of the 20th century. What will you become once COVID19 has passed? How will you turn this adversity into advantage? Who can you help that is less fortunate than you? Today is a great day to turn this madness into meaning.