It doesn't matter where you start, just start something that matters

"It doesn't matter where you start, just start something that matters." Brendon Burchard

My heart broke some years ago when my daughter then aged about 6 came crying to me when doing some colouring.

When she was 3 it was lucky if she ever stayed inside the lines, but as she got older she learned to control her grip & attention so she could colour in beautifully.

The reason my heart broke was that in those 3 short years she had also learned about perfectionism.

At 3 she would revel in the once black & white page now being full of colourful scribbles by her own making.

At 6 she was devastated as she accidently coloured outside the line having spent 20 minutes painstakingly seeking the perfectly coloured picture.

So many of us at 36, 46 or 56 still think like 6 year olds.

We become masters of procrastination, failing to launch, waiting for the right conditions, blaming external variables, finding excuses for not starting.

However, as they say in Silicon Valley "progress is better than perfection"... but where do you start?

I like Brendon's take on this. It doesn't matter where you start as long as you start something that matters.

And if it matters to you, in time there is a good chance it will matter to others too.

Just start.