Introducing a leave for loss policy is one small but powerful way you can make a difference

My son Benji turned 13 over the weekend. We had a lovely day celebrating 13 years since he was born. We were also remembering 13 years since he died.

I appreciate reading this here is not why you come to this blog or what you expect to read and may generate all types of emotions and thoughts.

However, as Samantha Payne points out in the article below this is a workplace topic we need to discuss, understand and have a plan to support.

According to Samantha one third of women will experience the loss of a baby prior to 20 weeks. For every mum that lost a baby there are partners, siblings, parents, friends or colleagues that are impacted too.

And there are many more people who lose babies in the second half of their pregnancy, or like my wife and I at full term during birth.

Our son Benji had an undetected congenital heart disease. His little heart was struggling to support his body as it grew. Benji's heart stopped during delivery and despite the doctors' best efforts they couldn't revive him.

If you haven't been through something like this it can be hard to know what to do, say or feel.

However, if you are a business leader introducing a leave for loss policy is one small but powerful way you can make a difference to the lives of those that experience miscarriage and/or still birth.

Thanks Samantha for the amazing work you are doing. Tenfold Australia is so pleased to be able to support your leadership impact and raise levels of miscarriage awareness across Australia and New Zealand.

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