"Intention. Attention. No tension." Marci Shimoff

I never thought I'd be quoting #NYT best-seller Marci Shimoff to my CEO clients but found myself doing so once. As a high performance psychologist I focus on evidence-based methodologies that research has shown lead to human optimisation. But there is something in Marci's quote worth reflecting on as we go into 2021 regardless of which side of the Law Of Attraction debate you stand (read here & here for both sides of the argument). Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman explains how we all have limited cognitive resources. As a result we need two systems of thinking. System 1 requires little effort and helps us make quick decisions. System 2 thinking is slower, but you need it for methodical thinking processes. Click here to learn more. This brings us back Marci's quote. Given we have limited bandwidth in our brains we need to use it intentionally, focusing our attention on activities that will move us towards our goals, and in so doing release the tension we often feel when distracted or overwhelmed.